Educators! Keep in sync with your audience. Get questions, feedback and know instantly if you're moving too fast - all in realtime.

Imagine a solution so simple, you can use it in every single lecture without setup. That is what Sembly is aiming for. Sembly does away with the things that dont scale. So, no more having to create something in advance of your lecture, or wait for your students enter PIN codes and create usernames. With Sembly, everything is always ready for you, everytime.

With Sembly, you get the realtime insight you need to never lose your audience, to capture their curiosity, to catch and clear confusion, and collect valuable feedback.

The best part? You don't have to do configure anything! Just register with your institutional email and all of your courses, timetables and students are automatically imported.


See how much your students are learning in realtime, and quickly know if you should move to the next slide or take a moment to clear up any confusion.


Peak into your students mind by engaging them in discussion. See how they think and easily challenge their understanding for improved learning.


Let's help each other do better. Encourage students to give you feedback on the lecture, and find out how you can adjust the contents to be a better fit.

Who's with you?

Don't accidentally leave your audience behind. Let them quietly signal if you're moving too fast, and feel free to glance at the indicator at your own convenience.

Live support

Educators shouldn't have to provide tech support. We'll help out with any technical issues, leaving you free to focus on teaching.

Timetable integration

Whenever you visit Sembly, your current lecture will be presented to both you and your students. Never again waste your time with pin codes or links!